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About EBW

Emily pursued her education in England, where she successfully attained a post-graduate degree in landscape design and architecture. During her time there, she had the privilege of studying under the guidance of three esteemed gold medalists from the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. Additionally, she had the opportunity to learn from the late John Brooks, a renowned authority in gardening who had authored numerous influential books on the subject.

To further enhance her expertise, Emily dedicated herself to a comprehensive three-year design course at Temple Square, where she had the privilege of being mentored by the late Peter Lasik. This invaluable experience provided her with profound insights and refined her skills in the field of landscape design.

Emily’s passion for gardening was instilled in her by her late mother, Charmaine, who passed down her love for landscapes and flowers. Emily cherishes this legacy and has continued to nurture her own children with the same appreciation and affection for the natural world, ensuring that her family’s bond with landscape and flowers remains strong across generations.

Emily’s husband went to the Oxford College of Garden Design and together they share their love of plants and design with their family.  EBW Design loves creating timeless gardens meant to be cherished and savored for generations to come.